stitches report part 2

I thought I was going to get away with just tacking up a few photos and calling it good for a ‘how-I-spent-my-weekend’ at Stitches East.  But I keep thinking about all the things I loved there; and I had a conversation with my friend Colleen for the DC Unraveled podcast, which made me want to talk about my trip even more.  So it’s not out of my system yet, and you get to put up with my ravings just a little while longer.

This post might be a little dry for those of you who don’t totally love yarn show and tell. You’ve been warned. 

Events like Stitches are like summer camp for yarn junkies: we get to stay up late with our friends, play with yarn all day, take classes, and eat hotdogs from the concession stand.

My favorite part of being there was meeting other creative folks.  Not only did I get to know Joelle a little more (and appreciate the hard work she does a LOT more); I met a few other kind folks who have been setting up booths at knitting conventions and sheep & wool festivals for many seasons.  I admire their creativity and stamina.

1. The fine folks from Tutto Santa Fe.  They are the North American distributors of Isager Yarns, and had a beautiful booth.  I was flattered when they came over to admire my “loopy little totes.”

At the end of the show, they bought a few bags to take home to New Mexico.  Now I’ll have to make it one of my goals to go visit!

2. At one point, a friendly lady came by and bought a bag, then came back later with her sister.  We got to talking and exchanged names, etc.  Little did I know that I was talking to a designer whose knitwear I’ve admired in the past.  She was Bonnie of Blue Peninsula.  It was so cool to meet her, and now I’m keeping an eye on her blog for inspiration.  Just look at all her designs!

3. I’ve already mentioned Romney Ridge Farms in this this post, but now I can show you the knitsy [Liz (below) would like you to know that she coined the term “knitsy”] collaboration I made between Romney Ridge Bulky and Wandering Wool Saranac.  I’ve already made three of my 18-second giant cowl things  with three different yarn combos.  I think my favourite is this one:

I also made this one from two plied yarns as a shop sample for Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe (my LYS in CoMo).  This one’s made out of Plymouth Yarns Grandiosa and Cascade 220:

3. Karen and company at String Theory Yarn had a wonderful cozy booth too.  I kept wandering over to visit them and soak up their energy when all the fluorescent lights and concrete floors were getting to me.

Here’s a photo of a bunch of the yarn I took home.  String Theory Caper Aran in the colour “marmalade” is third from the left in there.  I think I’m going to be selfish and make myself a hat out of this buttery cashmere blend.

[aside: if you’re sensing a pattern here, you’re not mistaken.  the only non-orange or red colored thing I took home from hartford was that skein on the right.  someone’s feeling autumnal.]

4. About that skein on the right.  Kate from Dragonfly Fibers traded me a bag for any skein of sock yarn that my heart desired.  I chose this Dragon Sock in the colourway “mushroom hunting.”  I most certainly will not be making socks out of it.

The two skeins on the left up there are Wandering Wool Helvellyn in the colourway “Grand Canyon” (aptly named), which Joelle traded me for some goods as we were taking down our display.  Helvellyn is a fingering weight Bluefaced Leicester (hello, cutest sheep ever *) wool blend.  I plan to make “Jilted,” a simple, casual pullover with intentional dropped stitches that add some texture and pizzazz.

* You know I’ll be saying that about every sheep breed mentioned from here on in.  I will mean it every time.


2 thoughts on “stitches report part 2

  1. I heart everything about this post! Lizzy looks so pretty and cute. This post is providing even more incentive for me to finish my 18-second giant cowl thing! Will cast on tonight.

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