my bags are packed

I’ve finally cleaned up the studio dining room for the first time in about 6 weeks, having put the finishing touches on a big collection of goods.  On Wednesday, I’m heading to Stitches East to help Joelle sell her Wandering Wool, and to test the market on some of my own knitsy accessories.  At last count, I had almost 100 individual items to offer to the masses at Stitches.  I can’t wait to see how people like them!  Meanwhile, I posted just a handful of items in my Etsy store, Jessica Dekker Designs.  I’ll be posting more once I get home next week.

1. Roll-up cases for pencils & pens, crochet hooks, double-pointed knitting needles. The buttons are tedious to hand-sew, but the leather tabs are so cute it’s worth it:

2. All my little drawstring bags are totally reversible, so it’s kind of like getting two for the price of one.  The two pictured here are twins (birds/birdhouses! I love these fabrics):

3. My slightly larger loop-handled bags are also reversible.  They each have a pocket inside and a pocket outside.  The large loop slips through the short loop to close the bag and create the carrying handle:

4. I finally got around to ordering the smooth nylon webbing for tote bag handles.  I make these in two different sizes, both fully lined with internal pockets:

Here’s a stack of loop-handled bags all ready to go!


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