couch build

We may be biting off more than we can chew here, but we thought we’d try our hands at making furniture.  The short story is that all the couches we wish we could buy are fancy designer couches that are a tiny bit beyond our budget. So we are going to the opposite extreme and building our own darn couch.

I haven’t seen too many people making sofas out of plywood out there, but there are a couple from which we’re drawing inspiration.  One family in Seattle built their whole house from scratch, not to mention all their living room furniture.  A couple of glances of their couch are here and here.  Also, I just saw this on Apartment Therapy.

We spent last weekend with our brother-in-law who has been collecting power tools in his woodshop.  He had ordered us three sheets of ‘baltic birch’ ply wood and made some calculations, so we had a quick meeting about The Plan and got out the track saw.

Measure twice, cut once:

Here we’re laminating two layers of wood together for the ends of the couch.  The medieval torture device arrangement? Our attempt to apply even pressure across the entire surface:

Table saw with cool (what’s it called?) insert that Perry built.  He also built the clipboard.

Mobile stationary bike:

Otto keeping watch (fraidy cat Darby conspicuously absent)

There will surely be further installments before long.  Meanwhile, I’ll try not to worry too much about how it’s going to be my job to manufacture the cushions for this thing.


3 thoughts on “couch build

  1. Sounds super interesting! My one comment would be don’t copy the example that you linked to directly (with the bookshelfs underneath). We had a similar couch in our bus and because it was so right-angled, it made it quite uncomfy. Though I suppose you could knit lots of throw cushion covers! Enjoy the adventure!

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