a hat with ears

I usually have a bunch of cute things for tiny people stashed away in a basket.  When a friend emailed me the other day to see if there was anything she could quick buy from me before a baby shower, I was astonished to find that I had nothing at all on standby!  I crocheted this little hat right quick, and apparently it was a hit.  What baby doesn’t need an extra set of ears?

Now for a tiny peek into my knitting and sewing world.  In November, I’m flying to Washington, DC to teach a couple of workshops at my beloved recent stomping grounds, Looped Yarn Works.  I’m innovating my own patterns for the classes, both of which deal with color work.  This is my working sample of ‘Quadrilateral Cowl,’ a reversible double-knit piece.  See my handy library book?  (More news to come about the fair isle hat I’m designing for the other class).

On the sewing front, I’m getting acquainted with my Juki.  Lots of little fabric bags are in the works here.  I spy two wonderful things here:

  1. my REI stainless steel coffee cup with lid (which I would link for you right now, but I can’t find it in their online store).
  2. some adorable little labels that finally came in the mail!!  I’m sewing them onto everything!  If you sit still long enough when I’m in the room, you’re liable to get labeled.

Why am I making all these little bags?  In just 3 short weeks, I’ll be making my way to Stitches East in Hartford, CT.  My friend Joelle, the creative genius behind Wandering Wool, has a booth reserved at the market at Stitches.  We’re going to sell sell sell her yarn (here’s her etsy store), and have my bags available too — a nice way to try to get my stuff out into the wide world.


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