a trip to the library

We have a wonderful public library here in CoMo, and it’s just a 15-minute bikeride from our house.  But do I ever bike there?  Rarely!  Because I can never limit myself to what I could haul on a bike.  I could fill the whole hatchback with books if I perused the shelves for more than the 25 minutes I allow myself.

The other day I paid a visit to DBRL (yes, that stands for Daniel Boone Regional Library — I love that I live in Boone County), grabbed a glass of water, and sat down with my haul.  Three hours later, I took these photos.  I swear I didn’t move anything except myself from the scene.


I recently remembered that we had a couple of salmon fillets in the freezer.  What do you do with salmon? Encrust them with pistachios, of course!


This is as easy as throwing a handful of the shelled nuts into a mini food processor or blender with garlic and olive oil to taste.  You probably won’t even need to add salt because the nuts are pretty salty already.

Since we don’t have a grill yet, we put the bare salmon in the toaster oven at 400 degrees until they were just shy of done (just a few minutes for these tiny fillets), then turned the dial to broil, spread the pistachio pesto on top, and broiled until very lightly browned, about one minute.

With green beans and fresh little tomatoes from the farmers market, this was such a fresh and satisfying meal.



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